The fourth chakra : the heart chakra ‘I am worthy of unconditional love. I am a work if art,painting time with the art if my existence. I deserve the love of others, and I am open to sharing my love with them. Understanding this, my breath becomes the pea
bodypaint art
Image by Gregory Jackson Haley

UCSF public art collection one of SF's most ambitious
She had it coated, SoCal style, in iridescent auto-body paint so that no two viewers will see either its shape or its color the same way. Weiner, a conceptual artist who typically uses text, but regards the situations and responses it provokes as his …
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Lady Gaga is nonchalant as as eats fake blood off woman's naked body at art
After the dinner and auction, hosted by Alan Cumming, guests danced with several women wearing nothing but body paint. Getting into the mix: Gaga was fascinated by the interactive art on display. Gaga, then spotted the woman covered in blood, …
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