Get a glimpse of the process behind painting Kimbra’s body for the VOWS album art! The video features the remix of “Settle Down” by M-Phazes as featured on the deluxe edition of Vows available exclusively at Target. VOWS will be out in the US on May 22nd! Get it here: For more Kimbra: http
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  1. Oh. I thought it was an outfit or something when i saw the album cover, like a morphsuit i guess. Never knew it was body paint, thats pretty cool.

  2. @cwobhal your right! this song i want to dance! Yeah and peeps are using this to get this music on your ipod >>>

  3. i saw your album in thailand too i wanna buy yours

  4. I’m 5″9 and she was about as tall as my eyes when I met her.
    Probably 5″7.

  5. shes nervous i can tell by her fake smile lol who wouldnt be 😛

  6. Damn I thought the cover was a really well made wedding dress

  7. Love the paint, wasnt sure when it would come out in the us. So I ordered an import. Totally worth the extra dough to get it a few months early :]

  8. I wanna see her pussy lips painted.. for artistic reasons but mainly to jizz

  9. She seems like a rather small person, How tall do you think she is?

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