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Hand Painted Gift Boxes

Gift giving can be an enjoyable activity as can be gift wrapping. Gift wrapping can be done in many ways using a gift box either with handmade wrapping using paper, fabric and other fancy materials in order to personalize the gift. Hand painting gift boxes is one great way to enhance the look of gift box to be presented.

First it is important to pick the right kind of box. A square type of box, stars and hearts can be used and it comes in various sizes and shapes.


Some of these boxes only require painting of the lid. The depth of the lid will need to be taken into consideration. A paint brush can be used or a sponge to paint it with. A thin layer of acrylic paint is needed cover the outer part of the lid. The first layer must be allowed to dry off for a few minutes before proceeding with the next step. In case the box is showing its original brown color through the paint, then simply apply another layer of colored paint until the brown has ceased to show. The paint should dry off thoroughly; if not you can use a hair dryer or mall fan can be used to dry it off. Some glitter can be made use of to add a festive sparkle.

Style & Size

The size and style of the box is important and is crucial if you want to make the right impression, as it will enhance the hand painted look. The box can be lined with satin or be foam; it makes it more appealing when satin is used.


A budget must be allocated for such a box since it can turn out to be very expensive. Hand paints can be quite costly, but you must be willing to spend if you want to achieve the right look.

Online Purchasing

Beautiful hand painted gift boxes can be purchased online. There are a variety of websites available selling such boxes as these. Buying one instead of actually making one might be easier and less time consuming. This will definitely lessen the hassle of hand painting at home, and in case it is a last minute decision it will be delivered at your door step. A gift box like this can be used on a special occasion to wrap a gift for the holiday season or a special birthday.

Cody Scholberg, a lover of gift boxes, writes for the Gift Boxes Guide. Check out this article on jewelry gift boxes.

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