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Impressive Painted-Bald Head

Under the skillful hands of body-painting artists, bald heads look more impressive and eyes-catching than ever. It’s clearly known that body-painting art has become so popular in the recent fashion trend among youth, especially among celebrities. We often think that body-painting art is only suitable for females; however, it has now been much favored by males. And Philip Levine, the English man has made a new style and has fun with his bald hair. It’s probably said that Philip is the forerunner of the head-painting trend. Let’s see how original painted-bald-head images of Philip Levine are as below.


Philip Levine became bald in his early twenties; he decided to make fun with his hair instead of getting depressed about it


With the creativity of the professional body-painting artist Kat Sinclair, Philip was painted on his bald head with lots of vivid and funny pictures


Painting various colorful designs or scenes on his scalp every week shows Philip’s great interest in body-painting art


Magnificent pictures of ocean beauty have also been most creatively decorated on Philip’s scalp


1000 Swarovski crystals have been attached on the young man’s scalp


Buttons or even needles have also been inserted into his scalp in the shape of a butterfly


It looks like the golden cap put on his head


At present, Philip owns a various collection of head-painting images of animals, ferry tails, movies, fashion, etc


Philip intends to celebrate an exhibition on his head-painting collection in UK and open a salon for body-painting art lovers



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