Getting ready for EDC or a glow party? Check out my look using Tulip’s Neon body art line and get some inspiration for your own look! you can find all the products I used here at your local…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

DevonDoes ~ Nude Body Painting!

Check out more of Brandon McGill’s art on his Tumblr, but be warned there is nudity (including mine) and some erotic themes! The censored photos are posted…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Check out my new video for IloveToCreate. Getting ready for EDC or a glow
    party????? We’ve got everything you’ll need!!! You can find the full line
    of neon´╗┐

  2. That is so cool, definitely for a good neon house party or club ­čÖé ´╗┐

  3. This was mesmerizing to watch this! Really awesome to see an artist in his
    element and the project came out amazing!´╗┐

  4. I’m not even gonna hide the thirst…slay me with those nudes devon! ´╗┐

  5. I always thought tomahawks nudes would be the first out from all the cube
    members.but I’ll take what I can get

  6. Funny how life works. Today I went from not knowing this video even
    existed, to seeing Brandon’s art and falling in love, to then applying to
    be a model for his paintings myself! I’m an artist and even I want to
    become a part of someone else’s art piece. I love you Devon, and good body
    shape. Looks like someone takes care of himself mighty nicely! Too bad you
    couldn’t wait for Julio to become 18 and do it with him. Now THAT would
    have been art and something everyone wants to see. However Haydehn does
    just fine ­čÖé for every person that unsubs, you’ll have twice as many who
    will become a subscriber. So stop the hate and just appreciate :D´╗┐

  7. ;-; Devon I’ve had a crush on you for 3 years.. and your friend and you
    look amazing together I must move on …
    But you will always be my first bae I Devon ;-; you will always be in my
    heart I must unsubscribe I wish the best of luck “-” I’m actually crying


  9. Brandon is crazy talented. I feel like he really captured both of your
    Either way, it was beautiful!´╗┐

  10. I think that everyone’s idea of the normal human body is so jaded by pop
    culture and pornography.

    Not everyone is equipped like a porn star, and that’s okay. That’s normal.

    Everybody, and every body is beautiful and unique.


  11. The picture in which you kiss is one of the most romantic images I’ve ever
    seen. The art is gorgeous and you are gorgeous. And we need to stop making
    nudity such a huge taboo.´╗┐

  12. Omagawd. Girls are thirsty… Give em water now!!!´╗┐

  13. What a beautiful thing to be a part of Devon. Well done!´╗┐

  14. Hahaha Nudity? homo-erotic themed art??? Well of course I’m gonna follow
    him on tumblr.´╗┐

  15. Im so proud that you tried doing more things! Dont be ashamed about your
    body, we all have a body, its a work of art.´╗┐

  16. I went to the tumblr link before I finished watching the video and let’s
    just say I wasn’t ready for that…..´╗┐

  17. Yeah its pretty crazy seeing my favorite youtuber naked, but its art and
    people need to calm down. If it was a girl boys would be all over that but
    since it’s a guy its not ok?? Idk i dont get all the fuss, the art is
    absolutely amazing i love it !! ´╗┐

  18. UHC season 8 all over again´╗┐

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