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  1. I thought the 2:50 picture was pretty and creative. I wish I was a model :)

  2. how do you make the body paint? or where do you get it from? please and
    thank you

  3. I wish you would show us some of the finished images when you post videos
    like this! 

  4. You are just so amazing and graceful! Youre really a huge inspiration to me
    ^ o^

  5. This reminds me of Midna, from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

  6. So how long did all the paint take from start to finish? I never knew they
    made I don’t know what it’s called, sort of like a pasty for your crotch
    area-often times for body painting I’ve seen people wearing g strings, but
    I think it looks better they way they did it here because you didn’t get
    that line around the sides like a g string has.

  7. You look so gorgeous and graceful, I’d love to be this confident in my own
    body x

  8. This reminds me of Midna from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

  9. you are so comfortable with your body! you go girl! this looks like a very
    fun experience. 

  10. That’s really cool, you should put more videos on youtube! we can all be
    your virtual stalkers! xD

  11. I like it a lot but imo I think silver would look a lot better than gold 🙂
    I just recently found out that you’re a model though and you’re great hun.

  12. I don’t know why but I love the contrast of your white hair and the body
    paint colors. Gorgeous shoot! I bet the photos are incredible. :)

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