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A portrait of the artist
painted girls
Image by Kerri Lee Smith
This young artist caught my eye when we were walking around the Montage, a 5 Star resort in Laguna Beach. On this bright sunny morning she and several other art students were painting the beautiful scene around us – the gardens, the sparkling blue water, the coves and cliffs, the pelicans… I thought she fit in perfectly.

Explored October 16, 2013

painted girls
Image by Jesse Draper
I haven’t uploaded an oil painting of mine in some time. I revamped the background on this one in photoshop. This painting appeared in the book The Unvalentine.…
Copyright Jesse Draper

Ethiopian tribes, beautiful Hamer girl
painted girls
Image by Dietmar Temps
Beautiful young Hamer girl in a remote village right after the quick morning shower, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia. The river is far away and often the morning shower ends up in a quick wash to clean only the face.

Website: Dietmar Temps, photography
Blog: Dietmar Temps, travel blog

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