Here we compare the glow power of both Wolfe Fx and TAG Bod…
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  1. Christina, it’s just a plug in black light… You can order them on line or
    go to a local Halloween Shop..

  2. Thanks Lalo…. Let me know if you have any other questions… The black
    light paints are so fun!

  3. Hi I like the florescent paints you showed, can you tell me what type of
    light bulb I would have to get for this to work this way ? 

  4. Are you using acrylic or liquid latex? What is the best for a GLOW event
    (in terms of ease of use for attendees and how quick it dries??) Thanks! 

  5. hi on the website for Wolfe there’s different sizes of paints I’m having a
    party and I’m gonna do body art on everyone would it be okay to buy the
    smaller ones? Also where is the ” add to cart” on the website ? 

  6. Great comparison video. This isn’t what the paints were intended for but
    I’m looking to make a sculpture for a friends birthday and these paints
    look really great under a black light. Once you apply it, how long is
    their lifespan? Do you know if they always glow as long as their is a
    black light or do they fade with time once mixed with water? 

  7. very informative. I too am having a black light party for my daughter and
    was needing to order some neon paint. thanx.

  8. How vibrant are the orange and yellow in normal light? Are they translucent
    or do they still look super pigmented?

  9. Thank you so much for this! Having a black light party soon!

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