Jen the Body Painter produced by Cynergy Media Group.

Back in 2006 Eyesview Media Teamed up with Body Painter Mark Reid and filmed a small web video of him painting his signature JEANS on Orlando Model Katie Wil…

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  1. great work. I like this. Do you guys have a tutorial video or dvd how to
    body paint real looking clothes?

  2. i cont see anything …………..
    how we see this video dud…………….

  3. This man is amazing, and the model was great, I’ve been bodypainting for
    several years but Mark Read takes it to a whole new level. 

  4. I wonder. How realistic that is? Could she walk around painted and look

  5. This guy complains about painting jeans on NAKED women? fucking shut up,
    and enjoy the view.

  6. no se como su esposo puede dejar que ese tipo la pinte desnuda :s

  7. that looks awsome would u ever wear that to a store or just as every day

  8. Thanks Kara Hogarty! Was a pleasure working with Mark.

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