To generate publicity for a new Danish dating show, a Danish model strolled around Copenhagen streets with a black Chanel shirt painted on her nude body. STO…
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  1. are you fucking kidding me? a women does not need to be slut shamed and
    shamed for wearing what she likes. every single girl on this planet has
    boobs and we have a fucking right to show them without them being blurred
    out if we get caught on people are fucking disgusting. 

  2. Wow that proves that all guys like about girls it there tits and there
    pussys. How mean they afe just liking a girl for how they look. You should
    be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow the presenter sounds like a horny teenage virgin who’s never seen a
    fucking pair of knockers before.

    sure they are nice but fucking hell dude you’re like 30, get over it!!!!

  4. americans… BLOOD, VIOLENCE, GUNS…. = GOOD
    Ehh why?

  5. So sick of all these girls on here being like “Women can wear/say/do
    whatever they want and there should be no consequences!!!”. WRONG. Every
    action has a reaction. If your gonna go around dressed like a slut, you’re
    going to be treated like a slut. How you dress and act is a reflection on
    you and how you feel about yourself. Anyone that tries to deny that is
    lying to themselves. I’m a girl and I always take pride in representing
    myself in a way that makes me feel good and looks classy. There is
    absolutely no reason to walk around topless to make a point and then be
    like “omg all these sexist men objectifying us women”. It’s ridiculous and
    needs to stop.

  6. she is PAINTED and still you cover her breast with logos ? whats the point
    of the video ?

  7. Also you know why guys look at girls as things and not people? Shit like
    this, clothes were made for a reason, not just this chick a lot of girls in
    general, have some fuckin respect for your selves and don’t show the world
    fuckin everything jezz.

  8. To each his own! If a woman wanted to be a slut then let her! Women do not
    have any type of self respect for themselves! If a eoman wants to get
    marrief she would only show her husband her body, but if she wants to
    flaunt her body then she is not the marrying type, women say they want to
    be equal to men well guess what your fucking not equal to men if yall were
    yall then why is it when something bad happens to yall dumb asses yall will
    be the first ones saying but I’m a woman! 

  9. Boobs in public make me kind of uncomfortable. So I’m kind of against bare
    chests, meaning men should cover up and wear bras too. I mean if women have
    to cover up… 

  10. If someone was to do that around me I would bitch slap them, nd buy a
    t-shirt nd FORCE THEM TO WEAR IT… But hey I’m in Britain were public
    nudity is banned

  11. That is so nasty what if a person who seems to be looking at her grabs her

  12. am i the only one who finds it gross that this guy only wants the model’s
    number just because she was half naked?

  13. Ugh, I am not even going to bother. Women have no self respect or decency,
    did she not realize the effect she could have on some kids? For gods sake
    women, it is not OK to wave your tits around all you want, I cant wave my
    dick around all I want in public, do why should you be able to do the same
    with your boobs? I bet I am gonna get a bunch of feminazis coming to have a
    go at me about how women should be given special rights because men are
    treated like kings in this society. You dont even know how fair this
    society treats women and how unfair it treats men

  14. Lamo, get over it! They are tits, breast, stop covering them up! Stop
    Censorship! What are you? A fucking virgin?

  15. The woman isn’t a slut she’s just basically doing an experiment to see if
    people noticed or not. What’s weird to me is on all of these ‘model wears
    painted on clothes’ videos the male presenter always acts pervy making
    weird sexual comment about the model which she would probably be
    uncomfortable with if she saw. But you know he’s probably just joking..

  16. the fucking retards on this channel are annoying as hell

  17. *Yeah you might be in love and want to marry her and buy her a biiiiigggg
    biiiggggg house, but women like me, get the brunt of it. I am conservative
    and hard working and have recently been transferred to another job miles
    and miles away because men were sexually harassing me. I ignored them, but
    it become obvious that I could have a sexual harassment lawsuit despite the
    fact that I would run into my office conservatively dressed being pleasant
    and feigning work instead of breaks. I am also old and way long in the
    tooth. The naked sluts get the money. I make barely living wage and now
    drive half way across the city. Why? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW? Corporate
    told me that women were provoking them, NOT THIS WOMEN. So now women and
    young girls can get raped while Bimbo moves into her Malibu home with
    security because men idolize the bimbo but feel they are justified in
    molesting the less than gorgeous and young girls and even children. Men are

  18. STFU and show the video. You’re acting like a first grader who’s looking
    up a girl’s dresss

  19. anyways she looks real nice.this comedian guy here are you against
    girls?are you straight or what ever? i would say i would date her.she looks
    better than him lol.

  20. She looks like the average white girl type, what’s so hot about it?

  21. well……THAT was a waste of 2:10 mins……i really wanted to see what
    the effect of the paint job was, and was blocked out……..breasts are
    beautiful of their own accord and ought be out there in plain sight (my
    opinion,,,,same as males)……damb societies anyway!!!!!…..i’d rather be
    naked in agreeable climes

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