Heidi Klum Sporting Bad Style

Heidi Klum was recently spotted in LA in a pair of rather peculiar flares; Grazia Daily could not resist this and came into action soon. Flares though can be very good for girls require some art to master it. And at times even supermodels can go wrong. Moreover there are certain rules to be followed:

The first rule says that flares are best teamed up wedges or chunky shoes. For the top a baggy jacket or an oversized top is a complete no. In case of Heidi, the Kimono styled jacket looked awful.

In another instance however we found the celebrity sporting a sophisticated look in Black. She added that black is the best option for a classy look. Though the German model is renowned for trying out different fashionable looks, she more than often ends up with a disastrous look, standing among the list of some of the most worst dressed up people.

Despite the several criticisms she has been receiving for her dressing style, she feels that it is important to dress up stylishly and in a chic way.

She said, that black is a very good color to wear especially when one wants to dress up soberly yet with a tinge of sophistication. The black sweater she has, she said is something she loves to wear, the silver touch on the sleeves add a great look to it. They look good with black pants and pumps too.

Heidi Klum has not completely gone off the track as far as her dressing is concerned, recently, she attended a photography event with John Rankin; where she wore a tight fitted metallic mid dress. The dress indeed was a good choice as it showed off her curves and her knack for dressing up. She teamed the dress with pointed pumps and sported a fun look indeed.

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