Jessica White appears for the 8th year in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue For more exclusive photos and videos go to http://si.c…
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  1. wow this vid was awesome on my new 36 inch monitor :), of course it was
    more her then that

  2. @erischaotic im sorry but its not!! 🙁 it does look real tho

  3. @sabastyne I know it is and she is a beautiful woman.

  4. Haha Jessica Whit when she’s not even black haha… Uuh fuck I mean white :$

  5. @wheelgod07 because of slavery probably.. obviously.

  6. @thatschill777 I think it’s for the Tahitian theme!!!

  7. She’s pretty but it’s just something about her that’s so fake to me

  8. @buffon007police Ok and? It’s a last name idiot jack black isnt black yet
    his name is blacl. Dumb shit tying to to be funny just made herself sound
    dumber the. U already are

  9. @biguy617 I know and she is hot as hell and also i love her body and she is
    a beautiful woman and also i love her boobs and her butt.

  10. @subscribetojoey did you want them to blur her boobs out? It’s probably
    because they were covered in sand and you couldn’t see her nipples.

  11. @wheelgod07 so does it matter? my last name is brown but im not brown so
    fuck off racist

  12. Who cares about her last name being White and she’s not, she’s friggen nice

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