An episode from Thailand Got Talent with a woman using her breasts to draw pictures on a canvas, which later revealed that this competitor was hired speciall…
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  1. 2:48, Guy’s just out of his mind, plain and simple. I mean, is he seriously
    implying Italy is more progressive than Thailand? Really? ROTFL I’m from
    Milan myself and guy urgently needs to have his head checked. I (sort of)
    understand he’s got to save face but boy, is he doing it wrong.

  2. She wasn’t jealous, she’s confuse of wtf just happened. My four year old
    could do a better painting. This is call art, but its not talent!! I
    thought this isva talant show. Not an everything show.

  3. L M A O omg this is so retarded but hilarious …Ms. Benz was sick

  4. That female judge was just plain JEALOUS! LOL She didn’t get to show her

  5. Those are some humongous breast implants. They must be close to
    1000cc’s. She’d better not fly at high altitudes unless strict cabin
    pressures are maintained or explosions could occur.

  6. I love you so much better than ever you are the best price ever 

  7. who thought that would be good music ….. I means if you want someone to
    turn your video off, you picked the right sound track,


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