“I’m the hero of the story, I don’t need to be saved” – Regina Spektor Not only am I a body painter and makeup artist, but also a Type 1 Diabetic! Each Novem…

http://www.RoustanBodypaint.com/dvd/ This is just the teaser trailer How to Airbrush bodypaint tutorial DVD by Paul Roustan featuring three bodypaints from b…

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  1. great job Lex !!! amazing music and intro your greatly inspiring i also
    just want to say thank you so so much because of you who finally made me
    realize things like how much education is important thanks your a truly
    amazing person and lastly thanks because now i am a make up artist tought
    by you at 12 years old thanks

  2. I love how your doing heaps of diabetes awareness videos!! And I just have
    to say that I love that silver paint you used for the mask – it looks so
    cool! 😀 xx

  3. I was wondering when the next madeyewlook video would come out! Love this
    tutorial, and what it stands for ♥️ Amazing as always!

  4. lex….. just tell me please… please just tell me….. y…
    r….u…so…. amazing?? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????????

  5. We have the same type of ‘pen’ xoxo. Love you so much. 

  6. u should go on face off and compete…u have the potential 2 win.

  7. My little mans eyes lit up at the thought of a diabetes super hero. I
    should have taken a picture of the smile that took up his while face! He
    thought it was SO cool to see his picture on your video! Thanks for all the
    awareness and making my little guys day! 

  8. I love that we both have the same type of diabetes!<3 big fan of you

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