Join Chulo and Kody, his “Sexy Situational Sidekick”, as he explores the new world of Body painting! He came , he saw, and he painted ass! Thanks to our good…

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  1. Pintar techos y paredes: u$s 100, pintar un cuadro al oleo en lienzo
    virgen: u$s 200, pintar tu coche del color que mas te guste: u$s 700…
    Pintarle el traste a 10 yeguas de primera… No tiene precio…. Para todo
    lo demas… pegate un tiro porque no te va a pasar en tu p… vida

  2. Dude scared like he never seen ass up close …lol
    Man get in there and paint !!!
    U missed a spot

  3. He looks very satisfied painting her ass lol xD

  4. If you like things like this you should try: preview. tinyurl. com/oo5zaqv

  5. why are those petite boobs showing off boastly , there are not that

  6. So, the idea is someone gets paid for painting naked women from head to
    toe. I just made a decision. Were do I apply for the job?

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