A few nice painted women images I found:

Fall (painting and poem)
painted women
Image by faith goble
Acrylic on canvas


It is a veritable
Of leaves.
They are almost a torrent,
And they hit the midnight ground
In countless numbers,
Sounding like rain.

Dun and etiolated browns
In the lamplight,
Having lost the brassy colors
That they showed
A month ago,
The leaves are
Brittle skeletons that
Dance in rustling eddies
Under the silent trees.

Behind the
Arid vegetable downpour,
The cold autumnal winds
Sweep down from
The North.
No longer does
The dusty rasp of insects
Serve as the counterpoint
To a susurration
Of green.

taken from Elementa (Loosey Goosey Press, 2008) by Faith Goble

H. Siddons Mowbray 1895
painted women
Image by freeparking 😐

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