I DO NOT OWN MUSIC USED, NOR DO I CLAIM SO. AT ANY POINT. EVER. THE ARTIST IS Samantha James and the song is Waves of Change. Find me on Facebook: www.facebo…
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  1. you are extremely beautiful but you talk like a 14 year old boy WHO
    is going through puberty…do you do that on purpose 🙂 your beauty and
    your work on the otherhand are number one..

  2. I never even noticed i did that until i made a youtube channel, haha!!

  3. It’s so cute and colourful. if autumn had a makeup eye look it would be

  4. you are so talented it’s insane! haha. so i got my nails done about the
    same length as you, but a little bit shorter, for this dance i had this
    weekend so it would look cute with my dress and it did but i don’t know you
    function with those things on! haha. i can barely even type this without
    having to hit backspace every 5 letters. lol

  5. Amazing as always! You are so talented and gorgeous <3

  6. thanks! HAHA. You get used to them.. if you just got a full set for the
    first time, or the first time in a long time, you need to get used to them.
    give it a couple days ^.^ and i type with my fingertips, not my nails.

  7. Recently discovered your channel, Love all the unique makeup looks 🙂 You
    have amazing talent!!

  8. I need people to share my things and get my name out there! 🙂 Thank you <3

  9. You should list up the songs you use! Love this, it’s great. You are great.
    I swear….I love you!

  10. I’m watching your channel for two days & this is the best channel that I
    have ever seen! Finally I find out how to make a wings, it’s seems very
    easy to do, even if you are in hurry. It’s amazing! Thank you so much! You
    are incredible person,such energetic & positive. I’m just in love with your
    videos & i’m inspired by all of them. & i’m begging you, PLEASE tell me,
    whats the song playing in this video? THANK YOU :)))

  11. Hello 🙂 The reason it is not viewable on mobile is because of the song
    that I used. Sadly, youtube does not tell you ahead of time if you will be
    able to have it viewable on mobile. Sorry about that!

  12. Haha I love how you twist your mouth to one side when you speak! :33

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