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Question by Eryca: Ben Nye body paint Magicolor VS Magicake?
I’m going to Disneyland in October for Mickeys Halloween party and I’m dressing up as the Corpse Bride and I need to find some good blue body makeup for my face and upper body that will last throughout the night I’ve heard great things about Ben Nye products but I was wondering what is the difference between Magicolor and Magicake? How much makeup will I have to get for my look? Which one lasts longer? Please help! x

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Answer by dougeebear
Magicolor is liquid. Magicake is water-activated.

Magicolor can be thinned for use in an airbrush. Magicolor may be difficult to apply evenly and take longer to dry. Not sure about color mixing, but if you’re painting highlights and shadows the dry time may impact application.

Magicake is applied with a damp sponge. Streaking can occur, but with practice and care is minimized. Can be buffed with a sponge for a smooth finish. Dries quickly, cutting application time for additional highlights and shadows. Highly pigmented yet very comfortable and breathable.

As to keeping makeup on, you need a sealer like Ben Nye Final Seal, Mehron Barrier Spray, MAC Fix Plus or even hairspray. Sealers prevent your makeup smudging or coming off on your clothing, yet can still be easily removed with makeup wipes.

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