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  1. I can’t believe she’s actually naked in these pics! Well done body paint
    art! My guests this week are Alison Haislip and Jason Horton! Please check
    out the vid and leave a comment!

  2. So damn good pictures! Full support for Kate, i wish you all luck in the
    future! You are young, and i am sure you will succeed in your plans! You
    are nice!

  3. I was so mad until they read the comments. I really agree with most of
    these people. Kate Upton is chunky and average looking. Her body type is
    only realistic in America. In any other country, the women are normal
    sizes, not chubby. She isn’t ugly, or average American fat, but she isn’t a
    super model. You would think a super model would be in shape. Most male
    models are in shape, so why aren’t the females? Women like in shape men,
    and guys like in shape women.

  4. Kate doesnt have a super curvy body at all lol she has average size boobs
    and no hips or curvy booty 🙁

  5. i don’t get why this is a big deal, her job is to look hot… and she looks

  6. The gay guy is envious. The cool girl knows what’s what. Simple as that.

  7. Nice video. Waiting for this episode. Keep it up

  8. Ya know Kate Upton..WAIT Alison just said she would be willing to do a body

  9. Always interesting to listen and fun subjects to talk about, keep up guys 😀

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