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Question by Kat: When drawing anime what is the best way to draw the bodies?
When drawing anime/manga what is the best wayt o draw the bodies?
Stick figure poses or just solid like no porportions?? thanks!

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Answer by I am the Majestic Space Duck
i usually make my friend pose for me, some times take a pic of them doing the pose so they wont have to stay still :3 and just try ti draw their body for your anime :3 works good for me :3 but i do 1st start with stick pose, then add more to it, make the body look thinker instead of sticks, like the way your friend looks like when posing :3 or you can pose and take a pic, what ever yeah know?:3

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  1. When drawing anime, what is the best way to draw the bodies?

    Anime and Manga is known for exaggerating the human form. Particularity, the faces of characters are exaggerated. However, in all good artwork, there is some realm of believability or reality to it in order to help ground or anchor it enough for readers or viewers to relate to it.

    So although the level of exaggeration is entirely up to you. I would personally choose to make your anime or manga artwork as professional and as relatable to readers as possible. Especially if you plan on selling your work or at least hope to be recognized for it.

    Depending on your finances or artistic approach (or style): You can choose to do things traditionally, or digitally, or a combination of both. Here is a list of tools or supplies for the digital and traditional approach.


    1. Get a light box (larger than 11 x 14) for keeping your characters looking consistent or for tracing really difficult patterns or parts of backgrounds.

    2. Collect magazines and photos of people and or print out internet pics of people and then categorize them in a binder (to trace or to draw from).

    3. Sketch pad: for your characters cataloging their facial expressions, front, side, and back views.


    1. Wacom Drawing Tablet (with digital drawing glove).

    2. Photoshop 7 or higher.

    3. Poser Software (endless reference for drawing all different types of body types digitally).

    4. Art Rage (Tracing and Painting Software).

    5. Scanner for adding your every day doodles or sketches into the computer.

    Anyways, if your looking for some great books on how to draw manga (anime) I would recommend checking the following books out below. Just copy and paste the following links into your address bar and your good to go.

    1. Anime (Manga) Drawing Basics:

    2. Anime (Manga) Drawing Basics:

    3. Anime (Manga) for Drawing Digitally:

    4. Anime (Manga) Coloring Process:

    5. Additional Great Tips for Coloring your Anime (Manga):

    6. Best Book if you ever Plan on Creating A Comic of Any Type:

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