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Here is a new behind the scenes video from our recent body paint shoot for our upcoming issue coming out next month (August). We have a lot of special things…

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  1. I’m being an avatar for Halloween and this is one of the best vids really thank u

  2. With this body paint can I paint over a shirt and it look okay? (I was thinking old white underarmor)

  3. I’m being entering for allow even since I already have braids in:D

  4. Love this look!!! I just bought the MAC Chromacake yesterday. How much of my body do you think one pot will do? And where did you purchase your contacts?!?! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

  5. love your videos.. 😉 but this look reminds me of mystic from X-Men lol..

  6. hey lex! im doing this look for halloween and wanna get the makeup from wolfe, but whats the type called where its for your body?

  7. Why is there 6 dislikes!? This video is way more awesome. My favorite one 🙂

  8. :oOo, ggotaa-go change me-pants now :oOo
    –≠i think thee-competition is-considering a-career-change bout-now <3

  9. I don’t mean to offend if you don’t date women. But goodness gracious I swear on the gods of jelly you are just jaw dropping gorgeous. wcw in the future. Lol anyways you’re a beast you make me want to paint a human looks like fun great job (:

  10. Love it! what’s the song called? it really suits the video

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