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  1. Yes, you dont have to use primer if you dont want to. Spray paints dont really need primer coats for model making. Primer helps smooth the uneven surface and help the colour paint stick and stay on, thats why its recommended, but you can get away with not using it.

  2. Crocodile clips and skewers. I have a whole video explaining how to make these. It’s part 2 or 3 of the airbrush tips and tricks series if you want to have a look.

  3. New to painting, what ate you using to hold the pieces?

  4. great vid, so then would you prefer using a while primer then a grey primer on the edging then the white coat next?

  5. i prefer using permanent marker or arcriylc paints

  6. I use many brands of paint. All acrylic paints have that problem when you move the parts. Enamel and lacquer paints are much harder to scratch off if you wanna give that a go.

  7. Question for the inner frame, what brand of metallic paint do you use? I am having problem with the paint scrubbing off as I move the joints

  8. How it goes well, but practice on something else first!

  9. I do the same thing but use a grey pre shadow instead of black. I do find it a bit more trick since painting white is less forgiving and mistakes show up more.

  10. Just finished building my MG Sinanju this morning @ 5am lol. Waiting til the next payday to buy a airbrush kit. Thanks for the tips!

  11. I like using this technique with other kits, notably those not molded in 15 different colours, but with Gundam I am always conflicted over whether or not the ‘original’ colours should be represented in the final form of the kit. I am also frustrated that there does not seem to be a reliable reference for the colours themselves, and the percentage formulae given in the kits are irritating in that they are nearly impossible to reproduce.

  12. Glad it helped, I have a different series aimed at airbrushes. Take a look at that on my channel for more info.

  13. Researching so when I buy an airbrush I’m not totally out of my depth. Danke for the thorough and well explained video.

  14. It seems to me that airbrush gives a more clean and smooth effects then using the paintbrush. I love your technique in doing the weathering That frame the type of layering that you did brings a nice tricolored effect. Great video it will go into my favorite Happy to subscribe to you.
    Btw Do you have Skype? I would love to chat with you about the hobby. Thanks again for sharing peace.

  15. You are the man I’ve been looking for 🙂 This is exactly what I would want to do with my MG 1/100 Model kits. I don’t own any yet but I plan to buy my first model kit this weekend. And in the near future buying a airbrush.

  16. Yes they work and the paint is stronger so its dosent scratch as easily. Downside is that they are not water based so they will smell and you need to wear a stronger mask while painting.

  17. Greenday do you know if humbrol enalmel paints work with gundam model kits?

  18. Yeah after using some plastic modeling cement to bond the broken pieces back together it stands up straight at least. It can hold the weapons but cant really do any poses. This was my first master grade and I wanted it to look decent. Well my next kit will be the Wing gundam 01 MG from the t.v. show. Hopefully I have greater success than I did with Exia.

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