Video Rating: 0 / 5 UV BODYPAINT PHOTOGRAPHY MAKING OFF photographer : Laurent painting : Jérome Hairdressing: Patrice Model : Cecile uv product : ht…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. Namaste! I LOVE UV Art a lot!
    This kind of Art is, unfortunalety just for a while, on a “beautiful Canvas”! On clothes I wanna wear this shining Dress (like a second skin) on Stage and PSY-Festivals.
    Music and Video are EPIC, until the very last second.
    THANX for being PASSIONED with your Business!!!

  2. yes Carolina

    There is not english translation for this website. They are working on.

    I could forward your question and do translation for you if you need.

    Bises and peace
    All the best
    ikar teratone org

    psy-art-shop com

  3. Hi! I tried goin to this site to purchase these paints and ITS IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE lol… please help… I couldn’t even figure out how to send a message to them…

    THank you

    Carolina G. (~*~)

  4. you have a special offer on uv paint on psy-art-shop . com
    10% discount with pass “TERATONE025” until end of month.
    Have fun

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