A few nice painted girls images I found:

Charles Allen Winter (1869-1942)
painted girls
Image by freeparking 😐

painted girls
Image by allegra_

Ethiopian tribes, Hamer woman, whipping
painted girls
Image by Dietmar Temps
A young Hamer woman is whipped by a Hamer man at a bull jumping ceremony, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia. This picture is maybe not for the faint-hearted, but the whipping is a fundamental part of the ceremony, and the Hamer women are very proud of this old tradition.

The bull-jumping ceremony is probably the most important event in a tribal man’s life. Each boy taking part undergoes a number of rituals before leaping down the line of bulls jumping from back to back. If the boy succeeds, he is a man in the eyes of the tribe. If he fails, he is whipped by the women. At the ceremony young female relatives of the boy beg to be whipped by the young Hamer men.

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