white bodypaint
by stopete60


Power and purity can be explained by no color better than white can, which is why most politicians prefer white. White is the color of the dove and also of snow. This color is nationally integrated in Indian hearts because it is the centre color of the flag.

Similarly this white suit is meant to be nothing but simple and striking. The most beautiful things in the world are natural and so you may have noticed that this is also one of the best. The suit is made of pure cotton in its purest form white.

The cut of the collar looks very eccentric and exotic. The slightly big collar has been integrated to complete the original feel of the suit that has been worn and praised by people through many generations. It has a deep cut neck that runs until the chest this is a south Indian style.

If you are thinking of what you are going to wear for diwali this is the right option, go no further. It is suitable for al ages it perfectly accentuates the shape factor. All stitching patterns are extra ordinarily accurate which is something special. You can not only get something that suits you but also something that fits on you.

Two reasons why you should buy this would be that the embroidery patterns are not mass made they were created after study of design patterns true to India and developed with care for a limited number of costumes.

The embroidery matches in theme, color and feel on both collar and the body. The arms are slit perfectly to give the costume more appeal. There are similar patterns in the cuffs too. It comes with matching Pyjamas. No matter what function you are going to attend. You need to add this wonderful rare Pathani suit to your latest fashion collection.

White is the color of purity and gives a different and special appeal to us. White suits, kurta payjamas and pathani suits which makes the event look special by its looks. So this time try white outfits and add more glamour to yourself.

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