Archive Storage Services in the UK

Archive Management Systems are recognised as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Archive Storage services. In business for over 34 years and used by some of the leading establishments in the UK, AMS continue to go from strength to strength and today, they provide the most secure and cost effective archive storage services.

AMS own and manage their own storage facilities and wide varieties of organisations trust AMS to store and secure their business documents for them.  Law Firms, Schools, Universities, Local Government Authorities are just a few examples of the type of organisations using AMS for archive storage. Having a strong reputation for cost effective, secure and efficient storage services, means more and more organisations are now turning to AMS to manage their Document Storage.

All businesses and organisations create and generate records. In most countries, the UK included, the law dictates that organisations have to retain those records for pre-defined periods of time. In some sectors the length of time can be 18 years or more and it does not make commercial sense to rent or purchase office space to store large volumes of documents for this length of time and to employ someone to administer the documents. As a result, many organisations are turning to professional records management companies to catalogue and store their documents securely.  

Using our Archive Storage services, organisations free up valuable floor space and improve staff productivity by no longer asking them to spend valuable time managing all the documents and customer records. Our clients also benefit from improved security, ensuring business records are protected from disaster, including fire, flood and theft.  

Peter Lillie, Managing Director of Archive Management Systems, says “More and more organisations are turning to AMS for Archive Storage services because we understand each client’s requirements and objectives and then deliver tailored storage solutions to cut costs and streamline their archiving and retrieval processes. We also have a great team of people working for us who get to know and understand our customers. Putting the customer at the heart of everything we do is one of our core values and our customers often tell us how happy they are with our services and feedback doesn’t get any better than that.”

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