A few nice painted hot images I found:

Bong Fire
painted hot
Image by darkday.
Two dried up old bongs were discovered in the Sound Warehouse offices, and their evil is sacrificed and destroyed, to the god of clear minds and drug free lives, via the cleansing fire of the steel wool of mega sparkage

Winding and threading the fine grade steel wool carefully through my trusty whisk of many spiniages, I was prepared for the sacrificial Bong Fire.

Day 13: 46 – 47th
painted hot
Image by Madilworth
It was windy again today so we weighed the stencils down with paint cans (really duct tape? I thought you were stronger than that).

Hot Rod Painting
painted hot
Image by fs999
Pentax K-5 • 80 ISO • Pentax DA 10-17mm f:3.5-4.5 fisheye

Tonemapped with Photomatix 4.1ß7

US-Cars exhibition
Stadtbredimus • Luxembourg

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