Fit models with body paint.
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One Million Rosebuds Body Paint

Today, I got some roses painted on my body in celebration! That’s normal… Right? Photos from the shoot: Snapchat: arose186 Twitter: @ardenrose186 Instagram: arose1860…
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  1. This video was beautifully shot I love the body paint and your story made
    me cry, I only have 40 subscribers and I hardly post but I would be so
    happy if that number kept going up

  2. wow. speechless
    Just wishing you all a very Happy and Blessed New Year! You are loved and
    beautiful 🙂 

  3. this is the coolest video and the pictures turned out SO beautiful!! 

  4. Honestly might have cried just a little bit.. or a lot. We love you so much
    Arden! Thank you for inspiring us to start our channel! THUMBS UP IF YOU

  5. This is probably one of the most beautiful “Thankyou for subscribing”
    videos I have ever seen. This video right here is the reason why have you
    achieved so much. So much effort, thought, time and passion in ever video
    you make. 

  6. If you all want to see more behind the scenes photos from the shoot, you
    can see them on my instagram:@juliehasit(I’m the body painter). Arden did
    an amazing job making this video and I’m very grateful that I got a chance
    to be part of her million subscribers vid!

  7. so incredibly beautiful and refreshing seeing genuine gratitude! congrats
    Arden 🙂 

  8. Wow .. this video was sad for no reason. Lol i thought she was going to say
    her best friend died so she got those roses painted on her for a tribute or
    something .. haha but she did this bc of 1M .. that’s cool too. lol

  9. This is my favourite million subscriber video ever omg. Arden you are

  10. i cried soo much when you said” my sister said you have over 1 million
    friends”. I wish that i had so much friends. Im alone, im hated, im ugly.

  11. I kinda suck at making friends so I basically have no one. I think I may do
    the same and turn to the internet for friends

  12. does anyone know the name of the lovely song in the background? its so
    pretty 🙂 

  13. you hit 1 million on my birthday!!!! congratulations!!! you deserve
    everything you have and everything coming your way!!!!!

  14. OH MY GOOOD I LIVE IN BELGIUM!!! i can’t believe you came here most people
    don’t even know Belgium exists! :)

  15. This was beautiful! In as less creepy way as possible I’ve been binge
    watching your channel the past few days and you’ve really inspired me! I
    can’t wait to make more videos now, so thank you 🙂 xx

  16. I really think she looks like Lana del Rey. Gosh, she’s so beautiful

  17. that was the most amazing video i have ever watched, im away to come to
    subscribe to your garden.


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