Airbrush Trueflames Tutorial Speedpainting Anleitung  WC-Sitz Design SK-Brush Wir haben ein neues Anleitung / Tutorial Video online gestellt, dieses soll euch die Lackierung der Trueflames…
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  1. Great love the detailed work you do really good work very professional

  2. Amigo, a sua arte ficou muito boa! que tinta é essa? um forte abraço.
    Ats, Gilson

  3. Did you have to sand the toilet seat before new paint and clear coating

  4. Thats kool bro u skill i like that iam from matamoros mexico they dont do
    it this sttuf in here but i never seee but iam gonna do it i was in usa iam
    gonna show it. This art paint in here i paint too but the reason. They dont
    sale this paint in here in dupont. Dont have this colors on sale i hate
    that. Greeting bro iknow that great art in usa ur do

  5. Awesome video. And was wondering what you use to make the letters. 

  6. umm… can i use your toilet? *stays at toilet for 10 minutes* :P

  7. he is wiping with tack cloth , it pics ip lint and spray dust

  8. So awesome bro, I’m just starting, week one, new compressor set to 35psi
    and I’m learning on two cheap airbrushes a master and a royalmax IMAGE.
    Working on finger controll, I’m using createx paint and I’m frustrated on
    how many times I have to stop and clean the front needle tip. Maybe I need
    to thin it out, I don’t know yet.

  9. какой краской он рисует? 

  10. just so if you are curious, “虎” is the word which means tigers

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