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CSAT 2012

These days when our parents ask us about our dream career, IAS always crosses our behind. However, we all are a bit apprehensive about choosing this as our career choice as the exams that precede the final recruitment, are very difficult to clear. It is a well known fact that one has to prepare very hard in order to clear the IAS exams. Union Public Service Commission carries out all civil service recruitments. This means that all the students who plan to apply for any post offered by the Civil Services of India, has to give the examinations and interviews conducted by UPSC. What makes the IAS recruitment more challenging is the division of exams in two stages called IAS prelims and IAS mains. There is a vast syllabus included in both these stages, which demands months of preparation. However, there has been a slight changed in the IAS prelims syllabus which will be followed from 2012.

A career as an IAS (Indian administrative service) officer promises power, influence and authority. The main work of an IAS officer is to deal with formulation of policies and deal with their implementation in the respective areas allotted to them. It is one of such fields where there is huge scope of improvement and growth. Depending on your rank, you might even be the government nominee on the Board of Directors of some Public Sector Corporation. You will also, at times be nominated to independently represent India at International forums or accompany the Minister for such meetings.

However, to gain such a prestigious post in the administrative block of the government, you need to work really hard. Reaching this post takes in months of preparation and hard work. Both the exams, IAS prelims and IAS mains are extremely challenging and aim to deeply analyze all your fields of knowledge. The syllabus is vast and includes many topics like geography, history, environmental studies, English, mathematics etc. However, in the IAS prelims, the optional subject has been replaced by CSAT. This is a common test which will include power and speed test. So, the candidates applying for IAS in 2012 will not choose any optional subject but appear for CSAT. No change in the IAS mains exam has been announced yet. It is only after clearing both these exams that you will have to face the interview round, which will lead to your final recruitment.

Thus, all students who plan to apply for the post of an IAS officer need to prepare really well. Also, they need to stay updated with the recent changes in the syllabus, like the inclusion of CSAT in IAS prelims from 2012. It is only after gaining correct information on the syllabus that you must start your thorough preparation.


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