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Wicked Royals Nelly Recchia Inspired Body Paint

Reference: After I saw the work Nelly Recchia does with body paints, I was HOOKED! She is so amazing! When I saw her work on the c…

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  1. Hey black subi el video de derko ahi freestaliando con la chamaca!

  2. How does this not have more views?! You did such an amazing job with this

  3. Would have been cool to see your hair sprayed white but good job.

  4. The link for the blog post on how the crown was made doesnt work

  5. Very cool! It’s like beautifully creepy, if that makes sense. I love it!

  6. Creepy, but I find that red makeup is sexy. Love the look:D

  7. Amazing as always! You never disappoint me Wendy 🙂 

  8. how awkward would it be if you had the answer the door whilst filming the
    video, ps I love you DIY !! x

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