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by Mike Licht,

Hand Painted Scarves and Shawls for Dinner Parties

When it comes to a meal out at a fancy restaurant, an evening at the theatre or even a night out at our favorite night club, we women usually have a pretty good idea of what to wear.  Knowing what to put on when we are invited to someone’s home for an evening’s entertainment such as a dinner party, however, can leave us feeling a little more uncertain.  Even when we are the ones doing the entertaining, the dress code can still feel like a bit of a dilemma.

One of the main reasons why dinner parties in particular have the potential to throw women into a quandary on the clothes front has much to do with the level of formality of the occasion.  Whilst an evening amongst friends certainly could not be classed as a formal affair, in most cases it could not be thought of as totally casual either.  Especially when the hostess has gone to a great deal of trouble to prepare a delicious meal and present it beautifully for her guests, it just would not be fitting to turn up in something which made it look as if you too had not made an effort.  The trick, therefore, is striking the right balance.

Of course, when you are relaxing and enjoying an evening at a friend’s home, one thing that you do want to be is comfortable.  While there may be times when you are prepared to squeeze yourself into a sexy little dress and spend the evening holding your breath, this is certainly not one of those occasions.  Try to choose something, therefore, which is flattering but also gives you room to breathe, even after you have eaten.  A dress or smart skirt or pants and a top or blouse are all perfectly acceptable.  Don’t, however, just stop there, otherwise you are quite likely to feel underdressed or as though you are just about to set off for the office.  Instead, top off your outfit with a gorgeous hand painted silk scarf or a hand dyed shawl to add that extra special finishing touch.

Women’s silk scarves and shawls are perfect for occasions such as dinner parties for several reasons.  Firstly, they dispense with the need for bulky coats or jackets which often spoil the finished look of the outfit.  If you only have a short walk or drive to your friend’s house, it will not matter what the weather is doing, you can simply don your fabulous accessory and go.  Secondly, and also on a practical note, if your friend is one of those people who shows a certain reluctance to turning on the heating, you can still keep your silk scarf or shawl wrapped around you without looking as though you have just stepped in from the street.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, women’s silk scarves and shawls which have been hand painted with a unique design are simply some of the most exquisitely beautiful, vibrantly colorful and luxuriantly elegant accessories that a woman can wear.  The sumptuous 100% pure silk moves and drapes in a way that no other fabric does, giving a look of total sophistication and quality. Now, if that doesn’t let your hostess know that you made the effort, nothing will!

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