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by Quentin Verwaerde

Look Great for Less in Hand Painted Silk

A common bond among many women is the skill of learning to look great while spending less. This starts at a fairly young age. It does not matter whether she is just starting her first classes at college, making the transition from home to the larger world where she is fighting to survive on a meager salary or struggling to purchase that very first home. Lie is constantly throwing demands on their money. There are special events when she has to look her very best but the money to do so just isn’t there. She can’t afford the latest styles in clothing, the more expensive make-up, the high end accessories expected for these occasions. Yet somehow or other women always manage to continually pull through. Using creativity and imagination, women have managed to come up with some very novel, yet successful ways to look marvelous.

A simple technique used by females to alter themselves into a vision of loveliness when little is available is by utilizing cut and color. It does not always matter what an outfit costs if the style suits the individual, fits well and is of a complementary color. If it suitable to the individual’s hair color and skin tone, it can pass as a more expensive garment. Another possibility to achieve looking excellent while keeping costs to a minimum is to purchase a simple, inexpensive outfit. You then complement it with one or more superior quality accessories. This will produce an overall sense of sumptuousness and affluence.

One of the best ways to provide style, sophistication and classiness to an otherwise reasonably priced outfit is to employ hand dyed silk scarves and hand painted shawls.  While available for a reasonable price, these spectacular accessories of the 100% unadulterated silk feature one-of-a-kind designs making them completely inimitable wearable art.  It really does not matter what you wear beneath, the eyes of all will be drawn to your handmade silk scarf or shawl. They will automatically assume everything you have on is of the same superior nature.

You need not fear no one will recognize the high quality of silk. This fabric has its own unmistakable characteristics. Anyone gifted with the ability to distinguish high end quality from poor will quickly note the worth of silk and even be able to discern whether the silk is 100% pure. The nature of silk, how it drapes, its polish and patina immediately indicate its quality. No matter what the event or requirement – from sprucing up casual look to looking enchanting for a special night, from adding a touch of class to a workday outfit or trying to be impressive during an interview, using a hand painted silk scarf or shawl always assures you will look your very best for less.

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