Go behind the scenes of Kate Upton’s SI Swimsuit 2013 Body Painting shoot.
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  1. She’s simple-minded, dense, but…..those gorgeous breasts! And she’s rich!

  2. очень приятна с позитивными мыслями вежлива очень разумна весёлая здоровая
    счастлива красива аккуратна милая честная порядочная millionersha bi,не пью
    спиртных напитков и не курю, идеальна люблю тебя,всё отлично у нас и у вас

  3. Oh my god do I wish I was the photographer so much.

  4. she has nice boobs but her body is just straight, no curve. not sexy at

  5. Kate Upton is very lovely, but why do I fear she’s gonna get incredibly
    fat. I don’t mind voluptuous, but something tells me she’s gonna look
    heinous in a few years.

  6. i have the same apple body type as kate and ive spent so much time hating
    my body, but seeing her being so adored (even with a bit of stomach) is
    encouraging and makes me feel better

  7. I could have sworn I was wearing pants when this came on

  8. What’s the big deal? What did you see!
    Omg how juvenile.

  9. Kate as a young heifer carries her udder well. She shows fine lines, mildly
    diminished hindquarter development, buttock muscling is satisfactory from
    most angles. She should easily carry calves to term, would offer good
    suckling opportunities, possibly even for twin calves. She no doubt would
    be good breeding stock to advance my herd.

  10. I don’t get the internets fascination with kate. She’s not that cute IMO.
    And she has no hips just love handles, it’s gross.

  11. Excellent video. I love the body paint photos and videos. In fact, I vote
    for replacing bikinis with body painted bikinis. When done well, I think
    they look much better, and I’m sure nothing is more comfortable than
    something when it’s hot out. After watching this video, I felt the
    temperature rise a couple of degrees.

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