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  1. What brand of body paint did you use?
    And what are those body paint markers? This is the first time I have seen

  2. She looks like Shannen Doherty ! Anyway nice work here !

  3. Shitty music for a timelapse video. Thanks for shitting in my ears while
    I’m watching art being crafted.

  4. are you making this no so you cant choose their music but you cc an choose
    yours ok so like jeeze keep it to yourself

  5. Body painting is amazing, its not because of the lack of clothes, its just

  6. Que buen trabajo! Excelente body paint! Cual musica? jajaja

  7. them nips probably felt good when that brush and cold paint brushed through

  8. well done! This paint was the most realistic and believable of any I’ve

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