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Question by Kenta Murakami: What type of paint can be splattered onto a person?
Me and a friend are doing a photo shoot and we need to splatter paint onto people wearing leotards.
we want the paint to be able to go onto the person’s skin and hair so it has to be non toxic and not stain the skin too much, but we also want it to splatter, or be dumped (in small amounts) onto the person. Any suggestions?
I was thinking maybe tempera mixed with lotion?

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Answer by bigMik
Be sure to use plenty of lead or latex based paints for best results.

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  1. No acrylic, oil or watercolor artist’s paint is safe on skin. You must use body paint. Do a search for body paint and you’ll find a lot of it out there now. Also check out the World Body Painting Festival. Major cool.

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