In this time lapse painting tutorial I demonstrate how to paint a Western Scrub Jay in acrylic paints and airbrushing. This painting was completed in July of…
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  1. Now this is art! It’s good to see that some people take time to make a
    realistic piece using their knowledge instead of only splashing layers with
    fat brushes like 5-year-olds and calling that art. Kudos!ο»Ώ

  2. Lol, trust me, I would if I could. I’ve been hearing that same thing my
    entire life.

  3. Is that a sonata from the right part of the painting? Or is it something
    that came up in your mind? The painting has a 3D effect, I like it.

  4. Go to art gallery showings that cater to amateur artists and you will see
    all kinds of things that are quite creative…but not always great for
    standing the test of time. I guess it just depends on what your goals are
    in the things you create πŸ˜€

  5. I’ve seen people do that. My problem is I want to create things that will
    last. If you use fabric, that is going to collect a crazy amount of dust
    over the years and look pretty nasty. With using sheet music, I varnish
    right over it so it can all be dusted like the rest of the painting. My
    clean freak side is showing isn’t it? haha. You can of course frame it
    behind glass but then if you’re using oil or acrylic you really don’t want
    those behind glass because they cant breath enough.

  6. YAY!! I’m glad you got one. They are one of my favorite painting tools for
    working in acrylics πŸ˜€

  7. Very nice Lisa. I really like your narrating. Thank you for sharing you
    talent with us.

  8. HAHA, Hey have you ever thought of adding fabric to a painting? Like how
    you put the sheet music on there, maybe have a detail piece of
    fabric…just an idea, not sure if you could paint over the fabric but
    still it would be very unique and beautiful! A painting you can touch haha

  9. Thank you sosososososo much for the instruction as you were painting!! This
    is extremely helpful. πŸ™‚

  10. your fabric idea is good for making textures in cheap abstract paintings,
    etc, but not for this kind of work

  11. Really, where have i been..I’ve never seen it! Thanks for the dust warning,
    i didn’t think of that, I will probably stay away from the use of fabric
    then. And no worries I’m a clean freak too haha

  12. this is awesome with you narrating it =) youre so inspirational. im glad
    you are on youtube, it is my favorite place to learn about art. i seriously
    learn more here than in class lol oh by the way i dont know if you remember
    i asked you a bunch of questions about your airbrush (im sure tons of
    people do lol) and i bought one, well i am in love with it. glad your work
    motivated me to explore new terrority, i really think it is going to open
    so many doors for me, so thank you! =)

  13. HAHA When I first started that branch I looked at it and thought “well
    crap…I don’t know how to paint a branch!! it has no feathers!!” Luckily
    once I started it turned out to be quick and not at all hard to paint πŸ™‚

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