Question by msjuliet2005: Any good suggestions on how to turn my husband on??
Just looking to spice up things.

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Answer by I am correct
Let him know you are asking total strangers personal questions about private things that should be between you and him.

So go ahead and show him this post and he will just “love it”.

Bottom-line, it is him you should be asking and not us. Communication with “him”, because asking personal questions to outside people is a sign of trouble. He probably has lots of ideas that you should discuss with him, that we should not hear about.

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  1. A sexy teddy , candlelight and some really sweet smelling perfume. Get some hot massage lotion and let him massage you then you him. That should get you started.

  2. Most men want some one like their mother in the kitchen and a hooker in the bedroom. But you could always serve dinner wearing nothing but a frilly apron and let him know that you are the only thing on the menu for desert.

  3. Dress to the 9’s and take him to a strip club. When he is nice and comfortable go up on stage and dance a set. You don’t actually have to take your clothes off. Things should spice up pretty good when he hears the hoots, hollers and sees the dollar bills flying at you.

    Nothing is as exciting as when a man sees how desirable his woman is – to other men. That knowledge might do you some good too.

  4. buy some sexy lingerie! buy some toys! experiment the naughty side in you 😉

  5. Lingerie is a good start. Candles and perfume don’t do it for men – that may help you, but won’t do it for him.

    Do what you normally do (sexwise) during the week, but also tease him all week, then give him the works on the weekend.

    Try a massage night. An all over nude massage (both of you) PRE-PLANNED for say Friday night promotes anticipation and is great fun on the night. Use lots of oil, lie on towels to stop any staining, and go for it – sex is a byproduct of all the fun. Make sure he massages you first – men can lose interest after cu*ming due to loss of a chemical when ejaculating, it just happens. Let him do all the interesting bits.

    Think of something wild, and do it. Book a game of golf for the two of you, on a quiet course, or during the week if you can. Wear a short skirt and make sure you act in a teasing way. Bend straight over to get the ball out of the hole. When you get the chance, remove your panties and make sure he is watching next time you retrieve the ball! Interest is guaranteed. Make sure you are freshly shaven, or the look will not be great!

    Let him paint some sexy panties and a top on you with Chocolate bodypaint, then he can lick off the good bits.

    Try for on-going things to do and say to keep the spark buring brightly. It doesn’t cost much and will keep things happening between the two of you. It’s just too easy to forget all those little things that make a marriage exciting – these guys keep reminding you with new suggestions, week after week. Good luck.

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