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Question by LadyBug: what should i wear (RAVE)?
I am going to a global rave and I need an outfit.
Im not like these other girls who can wear the bras and shorts.
now its outside and really hot.
This is my first rave so i dont want to over do it
but i want to have fun.
i plan on wearing fuzzy legwarmers for sure.
but what else.
Would hair falls be too much for a first rave.
OR should i keep it simple?

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Answer by 3/4
it’s hot so you wear fuzzy leg warmers?
go naked.

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  1. Have fun with it. Sparkles are great, on the face, arms, body and in your hair. Try and put hair up in a style you are comfortable with that is off of your neck for the most part, lots of ponytail/pigtails or small braids, etc. Find a brighter coloured tank if you won’t just wear the bra, but I do suggest you find some shorts you are comfortable with. You can get blacklight bodypaint in places like Sallys hair and beauty and even walmart at times, and glow in the dark as well. Sometimes even dollar stores have it, and it’s always fun.
    Think hippie gear. Tye dye is always awesome. But please, please be sure to drink a lot of water, I mean a lot. Dehydration will ruin the whole experience for you. Fun chunky bracelets are also great.
    Look in kids section at cheap dollar stores for cheap glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces, etc.

  2. maybe a tank top with sparkles/sequins with a mini or super tight/thin skinny jeans.flats or not-too-high heels.

  3. if your planning on dancing a lot you will be boiling & fuzzy leg warmers are not a good idea. try shorts & a vest top with funky tights & multicolour beads?

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