I do not own any music used in this video. Artist: John Mayer, Song: Heart of Life *Note: this is a look done with only the original Dr. Seuss character draw…
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  1. So it’s “Mustache Monday” at work on… Monday? Totally doing this. Thanks!

  2. Can you do a dr seuss costume make-up tutorial. Btw I love your art skills.
    They are amazing!! Great work keep it up.

  3. The moustache made me laugh so much! Normally i struggle with thinking of
    anything for halloween but now i have too many things that i love because
    of your amazing designs! Super talented, thank you!

  4. So far my favourite video of yours… It includes the Lorax, John Mayer and
    your awesome moustache!!

  5. You are so talented!!!! Your channel is litterly perfection!!!! And just
    all the amazing things that u do really made me want to take omy dream of
    being a makeup artist!!!! So thank you!!!

  6. I AMA big fan of you because of how insanely talented you are. So much
    respect for your work and true appreciation, thank you for sharing this
    amazing talent with us.

  7. Always loved the lorax, Adding a cute girl made it even better.

  8. Hehe you always make me laugh my mom almost took my phone from me one night
    cause I was laughing while watching your vids and she thought I was on the
    phone with my boyfriend when I wasn’t supposed to xP

  9. If you were dinner, youd be spaghetti and AMAZEBALLS! Keep being bad ass,

  10. So awesome! Love the colourful backdrop and the bright eye makeup to match.
    I sent this video to m best friend saying “Do you want to see a chick with
    a moustache”, so that shall be interesting for her. ;-{D

  11. Love all of this color, and you just look awsome with the moustache ;D

  12. Self taught, general drawing and doodling 🙂 thank you!

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