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Question by Kailee ann: How do i add photos to my questions?
I have a few newborn water turtles. Im pretty sure they are eastern painted turtles but not sure. Can u help me how to post pictures? Thanks alot.

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Answer by Tad
If you have a facebook, you can post it there and then copy and paste the link and people will be able to click on the link to see the picturepicture

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  1. Picture with Question or Answer
    You have to have an account with one of the photo sharing sites like Flicker or Photo Bucket. Upload the picture to the photo sharing site.
    Then you can get the URL and paste it to your question. To get the URL in Photo Bucket left click next to direct link on the script one time, it will turn blue, then right click on it and select Copy.
    Open the question box and right click on the body of the box and select Paste.
    With Flicker, on the top right click Share This-> a box will open click Grab Link, then right click on the script and select copy. Go to your question and in the body of the question right click and select paste.…

    To get a link, go to the web page you want and right click on the URL and select copy. Go to your Q or A and in the body of your Q or A right click and select Paste.
    A URL is near the top of the page and always begins with http://
    Good Luck

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