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  1. great video!

    I would like to use an airbrush for priming and varnishing

    since now I use spray cans… and the results are horrible…

    I would really apreciate any help about priming or varnishing with airbrush

  2. Oh ok, so you always primer first even when air brushing? I thought that airbrushing doesn’t require primer coat.

  3. Thanks you’ve lifted some of the mistorys of airbrushing 🙂

  4. What kind of paint do you think is best for an airbrush?

  5. Servus! Ich verdünne generell stark. Bei den Basecoats fang ich mit 1:1,5 an und bei den darauffolgenden Schichten geh ich auf 1:2 rauf. Den Verdünner bekommt man nur noch auf einer Malaysischen Site, da er aus Japan nicht mehr exportiert werden darf (Verschärfte Exportregelungen bei Farben seit 2010). Die malaysische Seite ist mgs2u (googlen) 😉

  6. Hey NZ!
    Habe seid gestern nun auch endlich Airbrush und würde gerne Wissen, wo ich deinen Verdünner herbekomme.
    Ich habe mich nach Info’s auch für Tamiya Farben entschieden, und weiß nicht mit was ich die versünnen sollte.
    2.) Verdünnst du immer 1:2 oder lag das nun an der Intensivität der Blauen Farbe ?
    So long: Vykos

  7. Hi thanks for putting this out, it helped convince me to give airbrushing a try. I noticed people talk a lot about airbrush models and compressors but what I’m more curious about are the nozzles used. I’m just wondering if a nozzle that’s .3mm is capable of doing general paint work on parts or should I get a bigger nozzle or an entirely different airbrush for that? Sorry for such a newbie question.

  8. Kurze Frage, sprühst du in deinem kühlschrank? 😀

  9. I’m using a Saturn 40 which is less powerful than what I used to have but it’s all I need. I would get a compressor meant for airbrushes but you don’t have to spend an insane amount of money.

  10. Sweet, thank you! I’ve been contemplating between the two, but the price jump was definitely a deterrent. What air compressor do you use? Some people have recommended using a typical home depot compressor, while others recommend the hobby compressors

  11. I’m using the H 4001 model. The ICM 4500 has an air control valve under the paint cup which is useful for artists that use airbrushes. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t offer any advantages for modellers and it’s more expensive. I’m very happy with my H 4001!

  12. Are you using the H 4001 model or ICM 4500? What are the major differences between the two?

  13. Not really, that’s what retarders are for. Somehow the Lacquer thinner I use gives me a much smoother finish because I think it breaks up the paint into smaller molecules than water can. I don’t know if another brand of lacquer thinner will give you the same results though…

  14. does thinning acrylic paint with lacquer thinner helps slow down the drying process? just wondering

  15. NeuesZiel tyvm for putting a tut of this i tried finding some other 1s but none are as good as this 1 tyvm!

  16. I usually keep it around 15 – 18 psi. The thinner your mixture, the less pressure you need. If it’s thicker, use more pressure.

  17. Do you think it’s good for pre-shading? I am starting to get the ides to pre shade, but just not sure if possible.

  18. Looks like a pretty good airbrush, you can always upgrade later.

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