Question by Silverstar: If you could, would you be a friend to my crazy fetish friend?
My friend likes to try an attempt to Bodypaint his friends as a tiger and get them to paint him as one. Then he likes to try take his friend to bed.
Other notes: Im glad I got angry at him last night and told him to sleep in the lounge room. Im sure he tried to come into my room to try something but thanks to my light sleeping i must of scared him back to the lounge room.
But after last night i dont think he will come around again.

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Answer by Connor

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  1. thats a lil weird, but if it was a chick doing it i prolly wouldnt mind

  2. No, and just to put it on the record, if he tried that sh*t on me I would put my 4in steel blade in his neck. I don’t put up with guys walking into my room while im asleep.

  3. Not your crazy fetish friend mine us better she does try such things ha

  4. Its an interesting fetish but, he sounds like a man whore (Be careful with him)

  5. Sounds OK to me. My motto is: try anything once, except incest and folk dancing. And I’ve got to admit that when we were kids, me and my sister, well, y’know, we did “The Dashing White Sergeant” together, more than once.

  6. That sounds like fun, not with you two though. For reasons unknown your question leads me to envisage two trippy/sweaty swedish ”artistes” who run round naked and get off on obscure installation art.

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