Julie Henderson Bodypainting-SI Swimsuit 2009

By | 2010-06-29

Julie Henderson Bodypainting, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ellen Pieters in Klokhuis.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 thoughts on “Julie Henderson Bodypainting-SI Swimsuit 2009

  1. Speakersoxx

    So what did you do at work today ?

    I spent hours painting the most private parts of a supermodel. Then i had a sandwich on the beach. Which was nice.

  2. beaverliqour

    :29 that’s my dream job

  3. pandadust1

    please…sit on my face baby yeah

  4. pandadust1

    i get these kinda girls all my life theyre wonderful big white girls like big pillows que no? ai ai aie!

  5. Amandork456

    she’s so pretty when her hair is wet.

  6. AbramoffJamie

    Uh! NO! She is dating Russell Simmons.

  7. greentod

    I can’t wait for the salt water to wash the paint away!

  8. pidouble145

    You feel exposed? yeah, I bet.

  9. cranberrysauce7

    “Guess What? I’m naked right now.”

    The way she said that was so hot and sexy.

    I got exited.
    and she is sooooooo sexy.

  10. trouser

    Takes one to know one. I declare you and idiot too.

  11. MoonPies27

    You, sir, are and idiot :/

  12. trouser

    She is OK. I think I’d probably let her suck my cock, but I would not have sex with her. I would not like to get paint on my penis.

  13. 19TSEliot48

    Russell Simmons hit that ass like a 737 hitting the Twin Towers.

  14. dmusic2000

    Enjoyed it indeed! over and over in fact… lol.

  15. 91LAL

    She’s so fucking HAWT and also happens to be from the same city where I live! 🙂

  16. o8shit8son

    i’m sorry if you got beat up as a child, i really am but there are places you can turn to for help


    WE, Illumination from Illuminati don’t have the need to ‘get laid’ …we don’t breed nor do we commit and abide to human intercourse in any notorious way.
    Nor do we have a need for the sexual behaviour of your species! HAIL! LUCIFER!

  18. o8shit8son

    wtf man someone needs to get laid


    We Illuminated from Illumination will remove this virus from our world soon to be, as there is no need for these white woman for continuation, in need for meaningless show their ugly body.

  20. yaguaron

    Nicospilt: thank you very much for the traslation. It’s amazing that you can see in television a nude person showing her body with respect and even with a deep ethical point of view. I can´t believe it was aired on a children´s program!!! It’s something that you can’t ever see in other countries (USA for example).

    Greetings from Montevideo, Uruguay

  21. nicospilt

    This is from a Dutch children’s program. “What are you looking at my tits? This is real art!” “I have a right to do so, because I have a museum pass!”

  22. yaguaron

    It seems very interesting, unfortunately I don´t understand the language (I don´t even tell wether it´s Dutch or Flemish) Would you please translate it? Thanks and greetings from Montevideo

  23. mcnag

    lol, die zage ze niet aan komen 😛

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